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God Forgives Even the Most Egregious Sinner

Often we feel our sins are too severe and not worthy of forgiveness. This is the sin of pride. God forgives even the most egregious sinners.

God forgives us for any reason. There is no sin too great to receive God’s forgiveness. Some of us doubt that this is possible. You may be anxious, perhaps thinking that your priest will be shocked when he hears your confession. This is the sin of pride; to think you know more than God. God forgives us all, for any reason. All we need to do is ask for it. Don’t let your own pride stand in the way of your relationship with God.

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Daily Bible Readings for January 31, 2020

God Forgives David

In today’s Old Testament reading, we learn about the story of David and Uriah. David first commits adultery with Uriah’s wife Bathsheeba. David learns that Bathsheeba is pregnant. David wants to cover up his sin so he must get Uriah to think that the child is his. David tries to befriend Uriah and manipulate him by offering him a pass to return home to Bathsheeba. David hopes they will have relations together and thus Uriah would conclude the child was his. When Uriah doesn’t do as David wishes, David commits murder by arranging the death of Uriah.

In today’s Psalm, we read that David asks for forgiveness. We know God forgives him because he blesses David by coming into this world through David’s line. David sings:

For I acknowledge my offense,
and my sin is before me always:
“Against you only have I sinned,
and done what is evil in your sight.”

David understands and acknowledges that he is a sinner. It would be easy for David to give up all hope and think that murder and treachery are too much for God to forgive. But God forgives all sins. David undertakes self-reflection and comes to God with a true and repentant heart.

In today’s Gospel reading, we hear Jesus tell us that the Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed. Starting small and growing into a large plant. David was the start of God’s Kingdom, even though he was a great sinner. He sinned many times, but David had the faith to always ask for forgiveness. God forgives us all and David was no exception. Through David’s tiny life, the Kingdom of God sprang forth.

God Forgives The Child Molester

God forgives even the child molester.

There is a type of of person that no one thinks God can forgive. A person that touches little children sexually and tells them to be quiet. This person makes the child feel as if they are the guilty party. That they have done something wrong. On so many levels this person has violated the child.

God forgives everyone. Even the child molester. If the molester was to come before God and ask for His forgiveness, the molester will be forgiven. No sin is too much for God to forgive. Not even one of the most despicable crimes known to man.

The molester goes into the confessional and repents of the sin. The molester tells the priest what they have done and vows to try and never do it again. To tell the priest, and thus confess to God, that they are repentant, they are thus worthy of forgiveness. God forgives them even if we might not.

God Forgives Us All

God forgives us all

Our God is a truly wonderful and forgiving God. If God can forgive an adulterer, murder, or child molester, how easy is it for him to forgive us? Never think your sin is too much for God. To doubt is not to give God enough credit and respect. It is to commit the sin of pride. God forgives us all.

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