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Find Out If You Are Guilty Of Legalism

We should be wary of the trap of Christian legalism. Fight against it. We do not fear any battle because GOD is on our side. Love will prevail.

We should be wary of the trap of Christian legalism. Fight against it. We do not fear any battle because GOD is on our side. Love will prevail.

Love is love. Legalism shouldn't stop us from loving each other.
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Why Legalism Prevents Homosexuals From Receiving CHRIST

Some people incorrectly fault Christians who minister to homosexual people. They assume that homosexuals must first change before they can receive GOD’s love. The true battle is with Satan and his lies. Satan battles the faithful with legalism.

Christians battle with GOD’s will in mind. They know that all should be brought into the fold. On the one hand, people who practice legalism say that homosexuality is a sin, and therefore homosexuals should not be ministered to. But Christians know that regardless of sin, charity comes first. So before we see a homosexual, we see a person, and that person needs to be ministered to.

If you find yourself in this war you know you are fighting an uphill battle against legalism as David did with Goliath. However, you know that GOD is your strength. While opposers sling verse after verse like a sword, you fight in the name of the LORD. You fight with charity and peacekeeping. And the day will be yours.

A great book on this subject was written by Father James Martin, SJ. It is called Building a Bridge. The subject matter is not about discussing whether or not an action is a sin, which is a form of legalism, but acknowledging that we are all sinners, and we seek GOD’s forgiveness. We seek HIS healing and HIS grace.

Everyone should be healed of their afflictions. Of their loneliness without GOD. To be shown GOD’s love is the greatest mercy of all. The absence of GOD’s affection is the worst disease imaginable. To let legalism come between GOD’s love and a sinner is an atrocity.

So when someone is homosexual they may be made to feel that GOD’s love is not for them. More than likely they got this opinion from professed, but misguided, Christians who themselves are guilty of legalism. Christians know that GOD’s love knows no limits. That all can be saved by the Calvary.

David defeated Goliath through his faith in the LORD. Jesus healed withered man’s hand on the Sabbath. They did not let legalism stand in their way.

Two kids getting high. Legalism should never stop us from helping those in need.
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A Priest Battles Legalism

There was an addict named Samantha who was living on the streets. She prostituted herself to support her habit. She had abandoned three kids. Her only worry was getting her next fix.

A young priest met Samantha while she was trying to stay cool in the hot summer sun. She asked the priest for some money but the priest didn’t have any. He had something more valuable, the message of GOD’s love.

The woman told the priest she wasn’t interested. She explained that other preachers had tried telling her about the Bible. That she needed to change before GOD would find her acceptable. The priest wept because the woman had been fed the lie of legalism.

So many profess the faith of CHRIST but do not truly understand it. This is because many fall into the trap of legalism. The priest explained that you do not change for the LORD’s sake, but you accept the LORD and HE will make the changes in your life when you are ready. Faith first, changes second. He apologized to her because legalism doesn’t help anyone.

The priest invited the woman to a meal back at the parish. She accepted. The priest didn’t spend the time telling her everything he knew about the Bible. He didn’t worry about legalism. Instead, he befriended her. Fed her. He explained that GOD was always there for her. Anytime she needed anything all she had to do was stop by the parish and ask.

The woman felt comfortable because the priest was welcoming. She did go back to prostitution that night and continued doing drugs. But legalism failed that day because the seed that was planted stayed with her. When she was hungry she stopped by the parish. The LORD made changes in her life and she came to know the LORD. The seed grew into a flourishing plant of faith.

Today this woman is off the streets. She is a secretary now for one of the parishioners who runs a small business. Instead of drugs, she attends daily mass. Her life is wonderful and her eternal future is secured in the Kingdom of GOD. All thanks to a priest who shunned legalism.

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The Daily Readings

  • 1 Samuel 17:32–33, 37, 40–51
  • Psalms 144:1b, 2, 9–10
  • Matthew 4:23
  • Mark 3:1–6

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